"ISM EDUCATION (Pvt) LTD", is one of the highly committed educational consultants, offering true International Consultancy services in Medical, BBA / MBA; IT; Hospitality Management & Short-Term Courses. Our Universities are famous and reputed in Europe, which are not only cost effective but also has the standards comparable to countries like the NEW ZEALAND., U.S., U.K., Canada, etc.

We are the worlds leading university placement consultancy

We have helped students around the world to find the right university.We work with individual students to make sure he or she is in the right educational environment.

Our expert consultants are trained to look beyond the superficial aspects of the university the pretty campus, the brand new gym, or how popular it is and instead strive to understand the university's culture, atmosphere, values, and environment.

Above all else, we are committed to the concept of “fit” so that each student can reach his or her full potential.

We help student choose the right university

Whether you are moving to a new town or country, or staying put but looking for the right university environment, we can help.
• Over the years we’ve developed strong relationships with universities…all over the world, and universities will contact us if they have vacancies.
• We choose universities based on the ‘goodness of fit’ between the student and university. In some cases this will be the most selective, in other cases it could be the most progressive, or universities that offer specific programs and services.
• We work with the admissions process — in our experience we have found that circumventing the admissions process or pulling strings ultimately is not in the best interest of the student.
• We are not impressed by “best university lists” and ”name” universities — unless that particular university happens to be the right university for the student.
• We encourage you to be open-minded, and will probably introduce you to universities you might not have initially considered.


Be a Leader in the western / European education industry by consistently delighting  trough srilankan students 


We assist to students trough the our expertise, synergy knowledge to fulfill their global education